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Trumpets – B Row / T Row

B Row / T Row Illustration by Dot The i Creative, All Rights Reserved

B-Row:  1st & 2nd Trumpets

Row History

B-Row is an all trumpet row which leads out the East side of the band during ramp. The row is made up of 7 first trumpets, and 7 second trumpets.

Row Traditions

B-Row has two main traditions. Back when the band used to practice on the East stadium parking lot, there used to be two poles that marked the goal posts. After every rehearsal the row would have a meeting at the pole. This tradition has continued to this day. Nowadays, every meeting is held by a pole. The second tradition is that every game day B-Row leaders hand out buckeyes to each row member marching a ramp. The buckeyes have each row number inscribed on them. Each member collects their buckeyes and at the end of the season the buckeyes are a count of how many ramps you marched that year.

Row Mascot

When the band’s field rehearsal moved from the east parking lot, the two poles that marked the goal posts were removed. To remember these treasured landmarks, B-Row’s mascot is a pole striped with scarlet and gray.

T-Row: 1st & 2nd Trumpets

Row History

T-Row is a row of Trumpets in The Best Damn Band in the Land. We are the second to the last row in the Ramp Block, and are the last row to come down the ramp to the west side. Before the expansion project set forth by Dr. Paul Droste in the early 1970s, T-Row used to be the last row in the Ramp Block. T-12, the Assistant Squad Leader, along with X-1 is in charge of giving ‘The Nod’ during Ramp. T-12 will nod their head up and down to signal the KL-Row Squad Leaders it is time to blow the whistles. T-1 is the very last person to come down the ramp on the West side and T-12 is the very last person to hit their spot in the Ramp Block. T-Row prides itself on being one of the most social rows in the band, on having many of its members serving as brothers and sisters of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma.

Row Traditions

Before every Gameday, T-Row meets at The Oval to take the campus in and focus before the days activites begin. On Game Day mornings T-Row walk the “Long Walk” from the University’s seal to President Thompson’s statue singing the full three verses of Carmen Ohio. T-Row also has two annual social gatherings. The “BT Spaghetti Dinner” is a time to bond with the sister row (B-Row) early in the season. “TX ThanXgiving” is a time to bond with the brother row (X-Row) while having a full Thanksgiving dinner.

Row Mascot

T-Row has two official mascots.

The T Row Tail

The traditional mascot for T-Row is “The Tail.” Being the original ‘tail’ of the band, the row adopted a taxidermied bulls tail as our own. T-Row members wave it around on Gameday against opposing players and especially bad referees.

T-Row carries the American Flag in the stands to show the pride we have in our country and to honor the military tradition of the OSUMB.

The second T-Row mascot is the Stars and Stripes. The American Flag accompanies JI-Row’s Ohio Flag in the stands to show the Pride in our country and to honor the military tradition of the OSUMB.

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