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Flugelhorns & Trumpets – C Row / S Row

C Row / S Row Illustration by Dot The i Creative, All Rights Reserved


Row History

The first and only all-Flugelhorn row in the band, C-Row gained this distinction in1970 under then director Paul Droste. Previously, the row had been made up of all Eb Alto Horns and was the precursor to today’s E-Row. Despite several more expansions and instrumentation changes in following years, the makeup of C-Row has not changed in over 40 years. With the band’s current instrumentation of 192 marching regulars, C-Row follows A-Row in pregame and occupies the 20 during the famous Ramp Entrance.

Row Traditions

Along with a general love of all things spelled with a C, some of C-Row’s traditions include eating gameday a practice lunch in C Deck of Ohio Stadium, meeting on the Northeast 20 hash after practices, our annual C/S Spaghetti Dinner, and reporting to the band center earlier than full band report to ensure everyone is present on gamedays. Additionally, being the only trumpet row with one part, every regular member is eligible to be challenged by both alternates, ensuring that our best are on the field on Saturdays.

Row Mascot

Since its founding, C-Row’s mascot has been the Crow (C + Row = Crow). According to lore, because of this correlation, C-Row was the first row in the band to have a mascot, we are told that C-Row’s mascot has been the Crow since before becoming the Flugelhorn row. Since 1980, a stuffed representation of a crow has been present with the row on gamedays. The current Crow is affectionately named Mr. Box due to the inscription on the pole he rests on from former Squad Leader Mike Rhonemus.



Row History

S-Row originally existed as an alto horn row until it was changed to current instrumentation under the directorship of Jack O. Evans. S-Row is also the only row in band that includes both B flat trumpets and flugelhorns.

Row Traditions

Traditions of S-row include an annual C- and S-row spaghetti dinner and scavenger hunt, and an annual Christmas party every year. At every home game S-Row meets at the top of the ramp before the pregame ramp to prepare.

Row Mascot

S-Row’s mascot has been a squirrel for some 24 years.

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