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Baritones – H Row / M Row

H Row / M Row Illustration by Dot The i Creative, All Rights Reserved

Row History

H Row is composed of 14 baritones and was added to the band in 1934 when the instrumentation of the Ohio State University Marching Band was modified to be all brass. Although women were permitted to try out for the marching band in 1973, H Row is unique in the fact that it remained the last all-male row for approximately 5 years thereafter. Unique to H Row is also the fact that in concert settings, H and M Row are the only rows in the band that sit out of order alphabetically; H Row sits in the very back, and M Row sits in front of them.

Row Traditions

H Row traditions include the following:
- After B Row and the drum major perform their game day ritual, H Row meets in the middle of the ramp to perform the row cheer and game day ritual
- H and M Row host an annual cabin trip in Hocking Hills
- H and M Row host an annual Baritone Thanksgiving after the Michigan game
- After the band is announced, the members of H and M Row meet in the rotunda and sing Carmen Ohio
- On the last day of summer sessions, all of the baritone candidates and veterans go to Graeter’s

Row Mascots

H Row has two mascots: the rhinos and H-Caliber. The rhino was selected as the row mascot for its masculinity in reference to the fact that H Row was the last all-male row in the band. H-Caliber is a Civil War Cavalry Saber that was purchased by members of the row to replace the rhinos as the primary mascot.